Christmas Tree Farm Holiday Mini Sessions

Christmas Tree Holiday Mini-Sessions!

We are so incredibly excited to announce that we were able to secure a time block at the very popular Santa’s Farm in Eustis, FL! We are thrilled to offer holiday mini sessions to you, as it was the most asked about offering during our recent Pumpkin Patch mini-sessions.

Our one and only opportunity will be on Saturday, November 12th from 12:30 pm until 5:45 pm. Due to limited availability and the amount of inquiries we had, we anticipate space being incredibly limited for this event. I recommend booking as soon as possible to secure your session!

The Details:

Santa’s Christmas Tree Forest is a massive Christmas Tree farm that will open to the public soon. Before that begins, professional photographers are given the chance to photograph in their own private lots that are big enough that you almost won’t be able to see any other person around! This gives an incredibly unique and exciting opportunity to get amazing holiday photographs.

We will be bringing an assortment of props to the session to use. We can shoot as simple or as elaborate as you’d like!If you would like to bring any props for your own session, you can bring them as long as you can carry it to the lot. Please reach out to us if there is something larger you are looking for and would require heavy lifting. We may be able to accommodate it by bringing it ourselves at the beginning of the day. We recommend bringing any meaningful ornaments or other Christmas decorations that can be put on the trees.


Sessions will be $59.00+tax for 30-minute sessions in the forest, up to four people. Additional persons are $5.00/ea+tax. A full deposit is required in advance to secure your time slot. Due to the nature of this event, refunds cannot be offered.

Included in the price of purchase is the session fee for the day. Images from the session will be carefully selected. Selected images will go thru full professional retouching. Those final images will be available for digital download from our website.

What to expect the day of:

  • Please be available for constant communication the day of the event. We will not know exactly which lot we will be in until approximately 11:30 am when we will select and then communicate out our location in the forest.
  • It is extremely important to arrive early to your session. We cannot extend session times. Plan on arriving 30-45 minutes before your session. This will allow time for traffic, bathroom breaks, changing clothes, transportation to the lot, etc.
  • If the location we set up at is far from the entrance, the staff will have wagon rides available. Please have a second pair of all-terrain shoes to make the travel to the lot easier.
  • Due to the nature of this event, there will not be a cancellation due to light rain or low precipitation chances. If there is a cancellation due to heavy rain or lightning, we will reschedule a session at another location on an agreed upon date. This date will be our one and only chance to photograph in the tree farm before it opens to the public.
  • Santa’s Christmas Tree Farm hosts a number of activities for guests on regular business days. Please be prepared to let the little ones know that their facilities, such as the zip-line, petting zoo, pony rides, etc. will not be available!

Holiday Cards:

A majority of clients will use this session for Holiday Greeting Cards. I offer high-quality cards in a variety of styles and materials. I will have a sample of greeting card styles available at your session in the forest to see and feel. Since time is limited in the forest, we can reconnect once the day is done to go over details. Pricing varies greatly depending on material and quantity, but will typically average around $2.00 per card.

How to book:

Session time slots are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please contact me at (407) 792-8652 or to discuss availability and securing your slot today!

Location: Santa’s Christmas Tree Forest | 35317 Huff Rd., Eustis, FL 32736