Stebbins | Lake Baldwin Park – Winter Park

It’s been way too long since I posted a blog entry, so today’s as good a day as any! First off, we are so thankful and happy for everyone’s support in making our business dreams a reality. Rebecca and I are overwhelmed with the support we’ve received thus far. We are both very excited for the future. Keep tuned on my social media streams, including here at the blog, for more announcements in the future. We’re excited about our upcoming Pumpkin Patch sessions next week!

The Location

This session, which goes back a couple months, was in and around Lake Baldwin Park. The clients wanted to include their family dog in the session, which since then I’ve done a couple times over, and it’s always so much fun having pets there! Lake Baldwin Park was a great location, as the pet park area allows unleashed dogs to enjoy and explore the space, allowing for some candid lifestyle photos. We also explored the areas around Lake Baldwin, including Harbor Park. This is such a beautiful area that combines mixtures of waterfront scenery with docks right next to a modern commercial district for nice urban style looks.

The Clients

The Stebbins family came to us in the initial development of Photos by Kevin Davis. We were happy to reunite again, get to know each other more, and have a great time exploring Baldwin Park! Their two beautiful children were so much fun working with, and were up for almost everything! Their family dog was so great working with too! He really loved the water and had a hard time staying out of it when we were going for a shot.

The Shoot

As much fun as it is working with pets in a family shoot, they can be exhausting! I remember it being a pretty hot (typical) Florida afternoon, and as much fun as I was having running around with the family dog, I was drenched in sweat working to keep up with him! Totally worth it, though! Also, for any future clients, prepare to wear proper shoes for Lake Baldwin Park. It’s practically a beach surface over the entire park, so nice heels or oxfords are out. Getting between the two locations can be achieved walking, as Lake Baldwin is one of the highest trafficked courses for runners in the area. With it being as hot as it was outside, and considering the time constraint, we needed to drive over to Harbor Park.











Location: Lake Baldwin Park

Lussier | Secret Lake Park – Casselberry

Today’s blog post features the Lussier Family shoot at Crane’s Roost Park. It’s been a crazy week. We had multiple photo shoots and one heck of a fun-packed weekend, capped of by an awesome fireworks show which I’ll be posting on later.

The Location

Continuing the series of past photo shoot session takes us to Secret Lake Park in Casselberry, FL and the Lussier family. It’s become a favorite spot of mine already over time to shoot. This place just has so much to offer: long fields of grass, a water front with docks, areas with dense old trees, and Florida mangrove trees along the water. There’s a diverse number of spots to choose from and I can see many more future shoots there. We especially love the mangrove areas. The a quintessential Florida view!

The Clients

The Lussier family came to us in the initial development of Photos By Kevin Davis looking for updated pictures of their family. They have two beautiful daughters. I have to tell you straight up, they are some of the most well behaved and photogenic kids we’ve had the pleasure of photographing yet. You hear that Lussier family!? When’s the next photo session??

The Shoot

Right off the bat, I could tell this was going to be a fun shoot. The kids went right with the flow and had a lot of fun. They posed when they needed to pose, but played and had fun along the way too. Those candid shots are where some of the best photos can come from and will be featured in a future blog post. It’s always great get that traditional posed photo for your home wall space. Sometimes thought the most memorable and authentic shots come from when you are just being you.

Location: Secret Lake Park

Kristenson | Crane’s Roost Park – Altamonte Springs

Thank you so much for being here! I have been wondering to myself for a while what my first blog post would be about. As we dived into the world of paid photography head-first, we have gravitated to Family Photography and that is turning out to be my current specialty. Having a family of our own has made us immediate experts in being able to work with other families. We understand children, or at least think we do. Ok, who understands children, really? We know how to deal with children. I felt that the first photo session I completed after I deciding to dive full-time into the world of photography would be the most appropriate as the first blog post! Meet the Kristenson family!

The Clients

The Kristenson family are good friends of ours. We connected thru my wife’s MOPS group and since have had a lot of fun getting to know each other! They put on an AMAZING yearly fireworks show that quite honestly blows any home fireworks show out of the water and is just as good as the city shows. We are really looking forward to this year’s event coming soon. I’ve even had the opportunity to help out this year with some wiring and will be out there all day helping with setup the day of the event!

The Location

Since we completed this session, Crane’s Roost Park was still in the midst of it’s lengthy renovation. Since completion it is looking better than ever! We decided to shoot here because of the beautiful lake and awesome greenery. After scouting the location, I realized that a majority of the park was still closed! No worries though – the amount of real estate around the lake still provided a number of opportunities and I can’t wait to book my next session there now that everything has reopened!

Here are some of my favorite looks from my first ever “officially gettin’ paid” session!

Location: Crane’s Roost Park